Syrinx Call feat. Isgaard - The Moon On A Stick (CD) (6653391306905)

Syrinx Call feat. Isgaard - The Moon On A Stick (CD)


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The extremely transparent, clear and very spatial sound is also positive. Whenever the classical rock instruments appear increasingly as an opposite pole, “The Moon On A Stick” has its strongest moments. Kuinke proves this, for example, on “Traces In My Mind”, a fine Eloy homage, and the eight-minute long “The Man In The Spotlight”, which cleverly brings blissful Pink Floyd times to life. This mix of flute sounds that meet lush keyboard carpets and elegiac guitar solos works excellently and is really fun. (Martin Dambeck,

01 Sunday Mood
02 The moon on a stick
03 In a Daze
04 Blue Hour
05 Traces in My Mind
06 Stillborn
07 Raqs Sharqi
08 Quantum Theory and Philosophy
09 Breathe In
10 Wait for the Light of the Day
11 scars
12 The Man in the Spotlight