Syrinx Call - Wind In The Woods (CD) (5871724396697)

Syrinx Call - Wind In The Woods (CD)


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Syrinx Call is the new project of the flutist Volker Kuinke. Together with the musician and producer Jens Lueck and numerous guest musicians, a multi-faceted album of 13 titles has been created, which covers a wide range from art rock and world music to pieces with a classic feel. In particular, the album presents the recorder as an instrument from a very unusual and surprising side.
Sometimes the ways are a little longer: 1979: What does a young recorder player who loves demanding rock music do? He writes a letter to Eloy boss Frank Bornemann and visits him shortly afterwards. Over the next few years, a friendship developed between the two of them and it happened as it had to: in 1998, Volker Kuinke appeared for the first time as a guest flutist on an Eloy album. He then played foothills on the Eloy albums "Ocean 2 - The Answer", "Timeless Passages" and "Visionary".
A leap in time to 2011: What does a cross-style music-loving flautist who is fascinated by the soundtrack on an Iceland multimedia show? He writes a message to Isgaard (the voice of the soundtrack) and Jens Lueck, who composed the film music. The decision was made quickly to involve Volker as a guest flutist in the production of the next Isgaard album (Playing God, 2012). During the recording there is a lot of talk about music, personal preferences, ideas and visions. Volker's long-cherished dream also comes up: an album in which the recorder is the "red thread"; this shows that the recorder is capable of more than just playing an important role in baroque or folk music.
Jens Lueck, who has been “moving between worlds” for a long time in his musical life, is immediately taken with it and sees a range from art rock to medieval sounds and classical sounds. Isgaard also spontaneously offers to contribute some vocal parts.
In search of a melodic name for the project, Volker came across the following text on Wikipedia: “In Greek mythology, the nymph Syrinx disdains the love of the shepherd god Pan. As she flees from him, she is turned into reeds at her request. When the frustrated Pan's breath brushes through the reeds, a moving sound emerges. Pan then cut himself reeds and made the syrinx (shepherd's flute) with the help of wax and played his songs on it ”.

01 When Worlds Unite
02 The Minstrel's Song
03 Belle Ame
04 Magic Market
05 The emperor's legacy
06 The Castle
07 La Vie Oubliée
08 Libertine's Dance
09 Requiem For A Dream
10 Syrinx Call
11 Both Sides Of The Mirror
12 The Place Where We Will Meet