T.G. Copperfield - Crank It Up In Nashville (CD) (5871801401497)

TG Copperfield - Crank It Up In Nashville (CD)


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In March 2019, the Regensburg songwriter TG Copperfield left for Nashville Tennessee with only one guitar and seven songs in his luggage to record his sixth studio album there together with producer Caleb Sherman at Cygnus Sound Studios. "Crank It Up in Nashville" captures this adventure and the atmosphere of the session at its rawest and most emotional. Copperfield managed to channel the power of tracks like Babylon Rising, I ain't in it or Taste into addictive Rock 'n Roll catchy tunes. Restless Man and Twosome Lonesome Blue are ballads that wouldn't sound so plaintive without the unique Nashville flair. When the ship goes down and By the Riverside are just plain fun and testify once again to Copperfield's great strength, the melodies. This time, Copperfield got support from handpicked guest musicians like Accept drummer Christopher Williams, session bassist Brandon Roberts from Nashville and Caleb Sherman on the Hammond B3. In addition to the seven tracks originally produced in Nashville, the disc also features four alternative mixes by voodoo blues master Dr. Want. The Senior Voice of Germany winner Dan Lucas, the Nashville-based artist Dan Harrison and the Canadian songwriter Dave McCann immortalized themselves on it. These remixes reveal even more facets of the Nashville sessions to the listener of the songs. A unique document of a unique journey. Drawers: None!

01 Babylon's Rising
02 By The Riverside
03 I Ain't In It
04 Restless Man
05 button
06 Twosome Lonesome Blue
07 When The Ship Goes Down
08 Babylon's Rising (Mix by Dr. Will)
09 By The Riverside (Feat. Dan Lucas)
10 Restless Man (feat. Dan Harrison)
11 When The Ship Goes Down (feat. Dave McCann)