T.G. Copperfield - Magnolia (CD) (5871787245721)

TG Copperfield - Magnolia (CD)


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The Regensburger's fifth album wanders casually through the history of rock and roll. Created in a raw live session, accompanied by his grandiose electric band, these 12 songs show a songwriter who doesn't let himself be limited and stylishly avoids trends. The sound impresses with its warmth and spreads stylish 70s flair without appearing old-fashioned. The relaxed atmosphere in the Magnolia has also spread to the numerous guests. More varied than ever, Magnolia is a courageous work and speaks from the soul of a mature songwriter with every line of text and every note. A declaration of love to music.

01 They Put Out The Fire
02 Saving Grace
03 The Loneliest Place
04 One More Song To Play
05 What Have I?
06 Magnolias
07 Roll With The Punches
08 Endless Summer
09 Chasing Sparrows
10 Purple Moon
11 Between The Lines
12 The Losing End