T.G. Copperfield - Talkin’ Shop (CD) (5871812739225)

TG Copperfield - Talkin' Shop (CD)


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The Regensburg songwriter TG COPPERFIELD has been releasing one great album after the other at dizzying speed since 2017. With "Talkin' Shop" release number 7 is now on the agenda and tops everything that has been there so far. This time, with his first-class ELECTRIC BAND, Copperfield fires off a firework of catchy beats and timeless songs in the style of the early 90s. A time that left a lasting mark on the accomplished guitarist. Americana meets pop, hard rock meets hip hop and the attitude of rock and roll hovers over everything, for which critics and fans love Copperfield so much. Like the soundtrack Quentin Tarantino never released, this EP is addictive and transports the guitar hero into the modern era. Modern blues sounds like "Suckers & Crooks", Copperfield brilliantly paints the play of light and shadow in "On your own". "Hammer Down" is a hilarious hybrid of Game of Thrones lyrics with a Mexicana twist, while "Line of Fire" transports classic Tom Petty Copperfield magic. "Survive it" increases from cool nonchalance to a great final firework display of fuzz guitars. With "Caught in the Middle" you dive deep into the 80s of the Blade Runner and in the end "The Commuter" spreads sheer trepidation. "Talkin' Shop" cements the status of TG COPPERFIELD as an unmistakably independent artist who can still be trusted for a lot in the future, as he simply puts his nose in the wind and listens to his inner compass.

01 Suckers & Crooks
02 On your own
03 Hammer down
04 Line of fire
05 Survive it
06 Caught in the middle
07 The Commuter