T.G. Copperfield - The Electric Band (LP + Bonus CD)

TG Copperfield - The Electric Band (LP + Bonus CD)


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Songwriter, guitarist and singer Tilo George Copperfield is always looking for the next song. With eight solo records under his belt, the likeable workaholic has earned himself a permanent place in the German blues and rock landscape
Returning to his roots, his new album The Electric Band presents a blues-rocking disc that sings loud praises to his live band. With Michael Air Hofmann on drums, Michael Karl on bass and Claus Bächer on Hammond, Copperfield has found the perfect vehicle to transport his music in a fantastic way.
Recorded live in the studio during the 2020 pandemic, it all came down to four guys in one room working with energy and heart. The work was specially mixed and mastered for vinyl and should be a very special treat, especially for audiophile fans.

01 You Knock Me Dead
02 Eastbound Train
03 When The Night Is Over
04 That foot
05 Who's To Blame?
06 Ten Men On The Dead Man's Chest
07 Bound To Pay The Price
08 Long Distance Call
09 Enough Of You
10 Welcome To The Farm