T.G. Copperfield - The Worried Man (CD) (5871763062937)

TG Copperfield - The Worried Man (CD)


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After the debut album of the same name, TG Copperfield presents an ambitious second work with his Electric Band. The twelve tracks of "The Worried Man" revolve around the story of "Evil Eye". A dystopian rock and roll opera set in a not entirely unlikely future where a totalitarian state has taken over after the great war. Individuality is the generally acknowledged enemy of society. The specter of the "worried man" is going around.
Recorded entirely live in the Slash Zero Studios by Robert Hofmann and with the support of drummer Michael Air Hofmann and bassist Michael Don Karlos Karl, who also complete the live trio of TG Copperfield, this record lives above all from its unrestrained joy of playing. As on the first Copperfield album, the songs set the tone. The boundaries between genres blur with natural ease. Boring is different! All songs are written by Copperfield again. The starting point was the song "The Worried Man" itself: "This jam is the essence of everything that has kept me busy as a songwriter for the last two years. A scream, a message, a blues.”
During the mix, special attention was again paid to organic sound. The result is great, delivering great vintage tones without sacrificing punch and modernity.

01 Evil Eye
02 Something wrong
03 Down in the mud
04 Love somebody
05 Who will stop the rain
06 Black Cat Voodoo Spell
07 Go to bright
08 Shame Shame Shame
09 Who's that
10 Worn out shoes
11 Black Horse
12 The worried man