T.S. Brooks - The Spanish Years (CD) (5871715582105)

TS Brooks - The Spanish Years (CD)


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With "The Spanish Years", first released in 2011 via the Hamburg underground label Strange Recordings, Brooks follows up and surprises with a special atmosphere that reflects the history of the musician and the location of the recordings in equal measure. Recorded in the hills of Barcelona, ​​it features Spanish guest musicians as well as a Spanish language track. For Brooks, who grew up on the Mexican border and speaks fluent Spanish, it is a piece of home away from home. With titles like "Tegel" or "Seven Strangers", the album also deals with initial reflections on the new home in Berlin.

01 Incantation
02 Ceremony
03 Seven Strangers
04 One To Be
05 Tegel
06 Hang Yr Hats
07 Birds
08 In The Woods
09 10.00 a.m
10 Come Back Smiling