Tabula Rasa Orchestra - Skafall (CD) (5871756574873)

Tabula Rasa Orchestra - Skafall (CD)


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The Tabula Rasa Orchestra from Stuttgart and the surrounding area impresses with a diverse, creative mix of swing, reggae and jazz and their rousing shows. The songs deal with everyday things in life, from their own and differentiated perspectives, accompanied by the unique Tabula Rasa Orchestra sound. This is clean and juicy pop with Jamaican and American influences.
In January 2014 they released their debut album Tabula Rasa Orchestra under the Honey Lane Records label. In 2016 they shared the stages at large and small festivals with Gentleman, Jahcoustix, Jaya the cat, Django S.. They were also in the anniversary show of "Kaffee oder Tee" on SWR television and in the final of the SWR4 Blechduell to be heard on the radio. In 2017 they released their new album "Skafall" on the Osnabrück label Timezone.

01 Balkans
02 Next to me
03 Skyfall
04 Siesta Willi
05 Still here
06 Beside Me (Acoustic)
07 Yes or No?!
08 summer