Tameera - Album Bundle (Deluxe Edition)
Tameera - Album Bundle (Deluxe Edition)
Tameera - Album Bundle (Deluxe Edition)
Tameera - Album Bundle (Deluxe Edition)

Tameera - Album Bundle (Deluxe Edition)


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Deluxe Edition: CD album plus trading card

Complex vocals, warm basses, filigree orchestral elements and hand-picked electronic sounds paired with interesting harmonies and honest lyrics - that's the essence of Tameera. The young artist uses these components in a variety of ways to create sometimes melancholic and dreamy, sometimes energetic and powerful sound worlds and moves skillfully between indie pop and R&B with her unique sound.
Tabea Meusch, who is now 23, discovered her love of music in her early childhood and received her first musical lessons at the age of six. Since then she has been gaining experience in various bands and choirs for years, until she finally moved to Osnabrück in 2016 to study pop singing at the institute for music at the local university and also to make music her profession. During the course of her studies, Tameera became increasingly involved in writing and recording her own English-language songs and thus developed the characteristic sound that runs like a red thread through her debut work: The EP "My Mind", which will be released on June 25th, 2021 major international streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Co. and will also be available in physical form on CD from August.
In addition to the carefully developed sound worlds, the Paderborn native also attaches great importance to the messages conveyed by her songs: "All my lyrics are inspired by topics and stories that particularly touched and preoccupied me at the time of writing. Through working on With this EP I was able to cope with some important milestones in my life and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my dealings with others."
The young artist would like to bring her songs to life on stage as well and is currently working with her band on the realization of her own live shows. The four-strong troupe consisting of Marvin Kreimeier (keys), Leo Steinhaus (bass) and Julian Wieder (drums) alongside the singer herself got to know each other during their joint studies or during study-related musical projects and finally formed a band in spring 2021 got together. Since then, the musicians have interpreted and played the songs written by Tabea in the band context and thus worked together in the studio on new recordings. The band plans to do a variety of live concerts, participate in various band competitions, and write and record new music in the future.

01 Remembrance
02 In The Mirror
03 MyMind
04 Sleep
05 one day
06 Outro