Tante Doktor -  Bipolar (CD) (5871718006937)

Aunt Doctor - Bipolar (CD)


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Cancer, organ donation, death and madness - not exactly catchphrases that lure you to a fun evening in the theater? Not even close. Tante Doktor, a band of musician doctors and creative physicians at the University Hospital Gießen, process their experiences and impressions from everyday clinical life, medicine and the colliding worlds of a medical microcosm at the hospital bed on their current album "Bipolar". Born as a companion band to the medical cabaret "elephant toilet", Tante Doktor has gradually established itself in the niche between socially critical and alert satire, touching language art and captivating sound poetry with its own full-length program. A partly disturbing, consistently captivating and palpably real insight into the emotional world behind and under the smock. Tante Doktor promises an intensive evening without a waiting room and with a wide range of symptoms. From a lump in your throat to a sore laughing muscle to the delayed danger of reverberation.

“What at first appears to be a threat for a hypochondriac turns out to be first class during the first listening impression. Such strongly vocalized medical poetry is a punch in the pit of the stomach, but certainly bizarre enough to captivate the listener with a certain degree of fascination.” (www.lieinthesound.com)

"If the lyrics are about life and death, the rather unfunny, painful themes are congenially implemented with the means of folk, singer-songwriter, swinging jazz and gnarly indie." (www.schallgrenzen.de)

01 War In The Huts
02 Heal time
03 In space
04 refrigerator
05 At the fence
06 Blue Light
07 Bipolar
08 The little wolf