Tassilo Kunzmann, Tobias Raupach - Leinen los (CD) (5871761457305)

Tassilo Kunzmann, Tobias Raupach - Cast Off (CD)


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"Cast off" is the motto of the debut by Tassilo Kunzmann and Tobias Raupach. In nine tracks, the two newcomers present a series of stories in good singer-songwriter style. But instead of just continuing the tradition of German and British representatives of this genre, Kunzmann and Raupach expand the musical horizon of storytelling through the use of modern sounds and samples.
In fact, they are small stories that Tassilo Kunzmann has been collecting for this album since 2014 - stories about transience, longing and hope. He narrates them calmly and accompanied by his guitar, while Tobias Raupach builds up around him sometimes restrained, sometimes complex arrangements of keyboards, bass, drums, guitars and strange sounds. For example, while the beat in the piece about industrialization ("Taranto") is made up of slamming train doors and mechanical noises, the quieter numbers ("Stars Looking") create a classic campfire atmosphere thanks to the crystal-clear arrangement.
The songs on "Leinen los" impress with their honesty and their consistently positive approach. Kunzmann and Raupach do not look back in glorification, but always forward - both in the lyrics and in the music. The album is a powerful statement at a time when the world is being shaken by crises more than ever.

01 Cast off
02 Back home
03 You and I are us
04 Only borrowed
05 Taranto
06 On every new day
07 look at the stars
08 Clown & Astronaut
09 dreams