tauReif - Bettler & Könige (CD) (5871673901209)

tauReif - Beggars & Kings (CD)


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tauReif describe their music as lyrical rock or art rock. Lyrical rock stands for varied and sophisticated music that moves between rock, classic and songwriter, offers no 0815 melodies, and which is refined by a variety of musical and textual stylistic devices. Aesthetics, experimentation and joy of playing give the songs of tauReif their very own unmistakable face and make the band's attitude to life, which is linked to the Christian faith, tangible. tauReif is always on the lookout for very personal forms of expression and for dialogue with the audience - and that's definitely exciting!

01 Gintaras
02 love week
03 Swabian children
04 With Pilate
05 The Snow Queen
06 Ophelia
07 Everything melts away
08 Snow White
09 Joan of Arc
10 Encrypted
11 Abundant
12 Fruitless
13 light
14 The Snow Queen (Instrumental)