Tell-Tale-Heart - Dance In The Haze (CD) (6710149677209)

Tell Tale Heart - Dance In The Haze (CD)


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Tell-Tale-Heart is a project launched by jazz saxophonist Ralf-Peter Fuchs in 2015 to perform his own pieces. Sava Medan, bassist currently living in Paris, has been there from the start. For the first CD, two musicians from the Ruhr area, Christian Hammer (guitar) and Michael Knippschild (drums), were part of the party and got involved in a sensitive way in bringing musical stories to life. Ralf-Peter Fuchs, Professor of History at the University of Duisburg-Essen, wrote his songs over a longer period of several years, under the impressions he received from dealing with historical topics. Many of the songs were written in Munich, where he also worked as a professional musician for a while. The CD "Dance in the Haze" is about, among other things, witch dances, Spanish mercenaries in the early modern period, the medieval hustle and bustle in a port on the Ligurian coast, and last but not least the story of Chunanup, the eloquent oasis man, from ancient Egyptian literature .
The project stands in the tradition of storytelling in jazz, for which there are numerous role models. The recordings for "Dance in the Haze" were made in August 2019. Due to the corona epidemic, it was not possible to present the music together in concerts. The band hopes that this will change soon and performances can be planned again. Other compositions are also waiting to be played. Tell-Tale-Heart will thus be continued and further developed as a concept.

01 Dance In The Haze
02 First Flight
03 Cantarana
04 Armada
05 remainder
06 Prophecy
07 Chunanup
08 Good Neighbors
09 Land Of The Prince Bishop