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Temple Baron - s/t (CD)


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Energetic and playful, but also melancholic and mystical: Tempel Baron create sophisticated melodies that stick and create a sound cosmos between sixties beat and indie pop. Their music is an invitation to dance with sublime words and an invitation to be musically driven through time and space. Behind the name Tempel Baron is Patrick Weber, who plays all the instruments, writes the lyrics and has already worked with various bands. After Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin, the man with Austrian roots has found a home in Potsdam and is now starting his own project. "Tempel Baron" combines all his musical experiences and the heart and soul of an eventful artistic life. According to the motto "live the music and create your dreams and visions", Patrick Weber considers Tempel Baron as a complete work of music, text and partly also film and art. His musical roots lie in the sixties, with the Beatles, Byrds, or the Kinks, but also with newer bands like Tame Impala or the Oh Sees. The songs contain surreal lyrics, no clear messages, but words that often only reveal their meaning after repeated listening. Patrick Weber is supported by Mrs. Bee, who is not only an influential muse but also contributes backing vocals and singing. After Tempel Baron had already attracted some attention with an EP in 2016, they now present their self-titled CD with fifteen songs including the popular "Spring of Spring", which made it from the EP to the current long player. The result is an album that impresses with its musical variety and high songwriting qualities. The pieces "Fermi Paradoxon" or "Narcissus" begin playfully, but end in an atmospherically dense and profound way. "Undiscovered Land" shows singer/songwriter qualities and can be played live with the acoustic guitar, just like "Frühlingshauch". The potential hit "Lagoon Nebula" conveys the feeling of witnessing the score of an old science fiction film from the sixties, only to end in a veritable dancefloor cracker. Tempel Baron make music that invites you to dance and rock out.

01 Undiscovered Country
02 Fermi's paradox
03 Ash Phoenix
04 Hell Ride
05 Narcissus
06 Lagoon Nebula
07 Aleister Crowley
08 Lee Miller