TEVALIK - Own Rules (CD) (6710150070425)

TEVALIK - Own Rules (CD)


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In the lockdown, the doors of the clubs remain closed, concerts do not take place, events are cancelled, friends are met digitally. TEVALIK used this time sensibly to fulfill a heart's desire, their own album with their own music, for all friends of black, electronic (dance) music.
The debut album of the duo from the Rhineland will conquer your hearts, make your auditory ossicles vibrate and make your body sway.
Songs like "Own Rules", "Be Mine" and "No One" are energetic, catchy and belong in the city's clubs to be danced to. If the doors should remain closed, the album is ideal for cruising from A to B in a good mood in the car. Songs like "Scared KI", "Timewaster" or the title track of the album "Own Rules" inspire. At home, the CD unfolds particularly well on headphones. Every single song on the album wants to be discovered and also – or especially – unfolds new worlds of sound after repeated listening. Particularly noteworthy here are "Forcelife", "One Thought" and "The Shame".

01 Groundfly
02 The Shame
03 Forcelife
04 Dangerous Air
05 Time Waster
06 Be Mine
07 own rules
08 Min
09 Scared AI
10 No One
11 One Thought
12 hourglass
13 Forbidden Underground (Bonus)