TG-Toneworks - Beyond Scratching The Surface (CD) (5871779774617)

TG Toneworks - Beyond Scratching The Surface (CD)


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TG-TONEWORKS has done a great job: The album "Beyond Scratching the Surface" is both musically and thematically more in-depth than the two predecessors "Pentagram" and "Fast Lane". Clearly harder tones are struck on all levels , but there are also some quieter and more forgiving moments. Vocally, Markus "Fludid" Hammer, Christoph Hessler, Sascha Krebs and Brigitte Volkert went beneath the surface on "Beyond Scratching the Surface". TG worked hand in hand on the new album's instrumentation Top artists like Willy Wagner (bass), Moritz Müller (drums), Tim Breideband (drums) and Paul Bauer (keyboards).

01 Seeing Is Believing
02 On Our Way
03 Turn It On
04 Here We Are
05 gladiators
06 Animal's Fate
07 Root Of Trouble
08 Enough Of You
09 Tales Of Another Unknown Me
10 The Piper On The Mountain Of Hope