The Artakees - Rush (12" Vinyl-Album) (5964930121881)

The Artakees - Rush (12" vinyl album)


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Founded in Düsseldorf in spring 2018, The Artakees play a mixture of classic garage punk and modern power pop. Their guitar riffs are reminiscent of the legendary The Kinks, the booming bass and the compact grooves of the grandiose The Sonics. With the singer's bluesy voice, The Artakees create a combination of catchy melodies paired with fuzzy guitar riffs and the raw energy of Medway Punk.
After different musical projects, Alex, Flo, Niklas, Marc & Jörn got together at a friend's garage party. From the idea of ​​working together musically, the goal of wanting to be on stage as a band quickly developed in the course of joint rehearsals. The first stage appearances followed in the summer of 2018 in Essen, Frankfurt and Bremen, among others.

01 Rush
02 I Didn't Care
03 No escape
04 Daydream
05 Help Me
06 Ministry Of Love
07 Wolfman
08 illusion
09 Big Hunt
10 travelers