The Blues Against Youth - Trapped In The Country (12" Vinyl-Album) (5906920439961)

The Blues Against Youth - Trapped In The Country (12" vinyl album)


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The Blues Against Youth is a music project entirely run and managed by Gianni Serusi on guitar, voice, bassdrum, hi-hat, whistle and the "invisible iron snare". All instruments are played simultaneously during his one man shows.
The 'country-rock primitive one man experiment' moved its first steps playing in its hometown Roma (It), and shortly thereafter touring Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

01 On the hill
02 Soul mercenary blues
03 A dirty job
04 It's been a long time, mom
05 The man who feels trapped
06 Honey don't
07 Dust clouds
08 Gone with the grill
09 I dreamed of my dog ​​last night
10 Three-headed demon
11 Light bearer song
12 Out of 2012