The Brute : - Seduce Me / Rain Single EP (CD) (5871830565017)

The Brute: - Seduce Me / Rain Single EP (CD)


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The Brute: is an Electronica / SynthPop music project from Germany and Switzerland and merges progressive electro sound with melodic vocals and a mix of SynthPop, Blues and BritPop influences. The new double single "Seduce Me / Rain" is already the second release. The songs can already be heard on Soundcloud and the videos for “Seduce Me” and the bonus track “Stay” can already be viewed on YouTube. 
The songs by The Brute: evoke memories of classic electronic bands and come with a more modern touch that combines driving bass lines, a captivating voice with lyrics that seem to have a new meaning every time you listen.

01 Seduce Me (Single Edit)
02 Rain
03 Stay
04 Seduce Me
05 Rain (Sacrifice Mix)
06 Seduce Me (Dance The Tube Mix)