The Chilkats - Chilkat Night Out (CD) (6104308088985)

The Chilkats - Chilkat Night Out (CD)


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The Chilkats from Hamburg have the drive that gets in your legs. The four blues musicians have been on the road since 2015, bringing tradition with them, but always focusing on their own sound.
The band's sound can be located between Chicago, New York and New Orleans and never forgets the artistic claim of American cultural music. This band manages the difficult balancing act between entertainment music and serious demands with a steady groove and a wink.
The musicians from the Hanseatic city have something to say with their music and everyone who is part of a "Chilkat Night Out" experiences that.

01 Chilkat Night Out
02 Vienna calling
03 Early In The Morning
04 I feel fine
05 Come On Home
06 Dancing With My Baby
07 Take The Elevator
08 Paranoid blues
09 Still Madly In Love With You