The Dad Horse Experience - Best of – Seine schönsten Melodien 2008-2015 (12" Vinyl-Album) (5871733145753)

The Dad Horse Experience - Best of - His most beautiful melodies 2008-2015 (12" vinyl album)


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"Sin, death, murder, hell and redemption continue to be the central themes of the self-proclaimed Keller Gospel (...). Sparingly instrumented with banjo and his feet, he oscillates between tradition and tongue-in-cheek and casually brings the Appalachians into the European clubs, as if they belong right there.” (Ox fanzine #90)

Side A
01 Gates Of Heaven
02 Through The Hole
03 The Moonshiner feat. Remco Reed
04 Merchandise Song
05 Dead Dog On A Highway
06 Wayfaring Stranger

Side B
01 Kingdom It Will Come
02 Waiting At The Turnpike
03 In My Time Of Dying
04 Lord Must Fix My Soul
05 Too Close To Heaven
06 WTC In Heaven
07 I was never quite