The Dad Horse Experience - I Am A Stranger Here Below (CD) (5871771549849)

The Dad Horse Experience - I Am A Stranger Here Below (CD)


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After descending into an abyss of madness and despair with his 2015/16 album Eating Meatballs on a Blood-Stained Mattress in a Huggy Bear Motel, Bremen basement gospel musician Dad Horse Otten returns with his lighter-footed and upbeat follow-up album I am a Stranger Here Below” back into the sunlight. Nevertheless, life and his view of it is not a light-footed dance for Dad Horse, who always recognizes the dark in every brightness. The light that shines here is refracted and twisted, black as the walls of a group therapy room in hell. Work on this album began concurrently with the recording of Huggy Bear Motel and continued through the summer of 2016 with Gregg Weiss (Tildon Krautz) and other kindred spirits.

01 That's the Day
02 I Know Your Name
03 My Last Ride
04 You'll Lose a Good Thing
05 World Self Pity Day blues
06 My Rough & Rowdy Ways
07 Down the Mississippi
08 I'm getting on the train
09 Wicked Path of Sin
10 I am a Stranger Here Below