The Dad Horse Experience XXL - Live In Melbourne (LP + Bonus CD) (5871679799449)

The Dad Horse Experience XXL - Live In Melbourne (LP + Bonus CD)


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On Christmas Day 2011, Dad Horse Ottn flew to Melbourne, Australia via Shanghai to present and spread his “Kellergospel” Down Under for the first time; the gospel that is not sung in the light-flooded churches and cathedrals, but in the dark cellar vaults of the soul, in the places of loneliness and despair where the light is most desperately missed.
The already often praised songwriting qualities of Dad Horse and his unusual and original playing with bass pedal and banjo were accentuated here by Vacirca's drum work in a dynamic and versatile way and Macaronis guitar added an atmospherically dense pinch of Italo-Western, whereby instead of a bowl of spaghetti more like a portion Tortillas filled with mescaline might be thought of. Musically, the pieces range from the tarantella-like "Merchandise Song" and the rocking "Gates of Heaven" to an old blues traditional ("St. James Infirmary") to the driving "I'm not here anymore," which psychedelicized the vinyl disc like one Polka Steam Train finishes.
The included bonus CD contains all the tracks from the LP as well as four other songs, including versions of "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" and the Hank Williams popularized "Lost Highway," as well as the full announcements for almost every single song.

01 Merchandise Song
02 Gates Of Heaven
03 St James Infirmary
04 Lord Must Fix My Soul

01 Too Close To Heaven
02 Dried Out River
03 WTC In Heaven
04 Announcement "Falling"
05 Falling
06 I'm Not Here Anymore

Bonus CD
01 Too close to heaven
02 Announcement "Through the hole"
03 Through the hole
04 Announcement "Dried out river"
05 Dried out river
06 Announcement "Will the circle be unbroken"
07 Will the circle be unbroken
ß8 WTC In Heaven
09 Announcement "Gates of heaven"
10 gates of heaven
11 Lord must fix my soul
12 St James infirmary blues
13 Announcement "Merchandise song"
14 Merchandise songs
15 Announcement "Falling"
16 Falling
17 Announcement "Waiting at the turnpike"
18 Waiting at the turnpike
19 Lost Highway
20 I'm not here anymore