The Dad Horse Experience - Nacht wie ein Messer/Cuxhaven (10 Vinyl-EP)

The Dad Horse Experience - Night Like a Knife/Cuxhaven (10" Vinyl)


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If you leave the somewhat desolate and replaceable inner city in the direction of the old port, just before you cross the steel bascule bridge at the customs quay and pass the emergency command of the shipping office on the left, then the small fish stall Knobloch is there pretty reliably every day. Your operator probably guessed years ago that there is no better place in all of Cuxhaven to give distressed night owls an honest shrimp roll to take with them on the walk to Alte Liebe, the sentimental symbol of that city at the mouth of the Elbe in the raue North Sea, where they then wave melancholy and a little dodged after the huge container ships on their journey around the world. If this moment were a scene from a film, let's say by Jim Jarmusch, then it would be quite possible that the two new songs of the Dad Horse Experience would start right now, and the camera would pull up and reveal the view of the open Wadden Sea in all its grey, bittersweet beauty.
These two songs, presented to us by Dad Horse Ottn, the band's eponymous head and creative all-round genius, in the summer of 2022, are not only remarkable because they appear on vinyl in the wonderful and all too rarely used 10-inch format. They are mainly because they open up a world that you would like to immerse yourself in for much longer than just two six-minute game lengths. And because it is also a departure to new shores for Ottn himself, a farewell to the once created, wonderfully weird world of the basement gospel.

01 night like a knife
02 Cuxhaven