The Dad Horse Experience - Too Close to Heaven (CD) (5906918834329)

The Dad Horse Experience - Too Close to Heaven (CD)


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Debut album from 2008 by Bremen's dad Horse Ottn, who only started making music on a tenor banjo he had been given at the age of 40, inspired by giving his spiritual search a sound. Hawkwind, Washington Phillips and Johnny Cash escorted him. Ottn himself sings and sounds more like a Hank Williams who didn't die of an overdose in the back seat of his car before his 30th birthday. Although that couldn't have been ruled out either...
The spartan intensity of white Appalachian folk resonates in the rudimentary accompaniment of his songs, in the lament of his singing. His "Keller-Gospel" fervently negotiates the searing self-criticism of the tormented sinner's soul, not without regularly taking a strong sip from the bottle of abysmal humour. "Outsider music at its most extreme, this German band could teach its Americana musical cousins ​​a thing or three about dark and dirty music." (Americana-UK)

01 Through The Hole
02 Gates of Heaven
03 Falling
04 Lord Must Fix My Soul
05 Black Green White
06 Were U There (in Bookholzberg)
07 Find My Body Down
08 Dried Out River
09 Away
10 Reach Out Your Hand
11 Too Close To Heaven