The Dinosaur Truckers - s/t (CD) (5871684944025)

The Dinosaur Truckers - s/t (CD)


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Anyone who has ever seen them live will automatically start sweating when they hear their name. The energy that the four guys spread on the banjo, mandolin, steel guitar and double bass is just too contagious. They make it clear that not everyone with a banjo plays country, and nobody needs more songs about western towns they've never been to and moonshine whiskey they've never tasted.
Just as every single show guarantees a steamy atmosphere, stacks of broken strings and dripping sweat, The Dinosaur Truckers convey the increasing certainty on their new album to the listener that large landscapes, endless expanses and the only true bluegrass punk heaven are waiting right outside the door. ..

01 Blackship
02 Let it roll
03 Wolves in the streets
04 Burn the place to the ground
05 Shadow fallin' down my face
06 Tiny studded red designer belt
07 Halfway through
08 box of memories
09 Mendigos Armados theme
10 The ends are just the same
11 Hey people
12 Leave everything behind
13 High, low and lonesome