The Dynamite Lovers - s/t (CD) (5871735144601)

The Dynamite Lovers - s/t (CD)


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The Dynamite Lovers present dirty Hard Rock with Psychedelic and Glam Rock elements. Their influences include early Alice Cooper, the Doors, Motley Crue, the Who and late 60's to 80's classic rock.
Their debut album impresses with melodic, independent songs that hammer into the heart of the listener, away from any trends and conventions.

01 White Bird Dreaming
02 I'm Falling Down
03 Crashing Machines
04 Magic Touch
05 Pretty Fire Take Me Higher
06 Forest Of Usn
07 Blackbird Screaming
08 Running On Empty
09 Down In The Valley
10 Stars Won't Shine Forever But The Iceman Is Coming