The Flame - Bosporus (CD) (5906954780825)

The Flame - Bosphorus (CD)


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Bosphorus is a wonderfully colorful and mysterious album full of grace. The title of the album is a metaphor for unfulfilled hopes, wishes, dreams, wanderlust, yearning, a thirst for adventure and the world growing together at the dividing line between East and West about the arrogance of the seemingly powerful and about humanity.
With Bosporus, the musicians Frank Flemming and Peter Viertel have managed to create a really multi-layered, varied and nevertheless self-contained album.

01 Bosphorus
02 Out in the night
03 A fool like me
04 Under the snow
05 Stop
06 All you want
07 Nautilus
08 Human
09 Show it
10 Let it flow
11 Waste of time
12 Water and wind
13 I'm alive