The Flame - Lifelines (CD) (5871756968089)

The Flame - Lifelines (CD)


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"Lifelines" was a somewhat difficult birth. It took Frank Flemming, Peter Viertel and their sound inventor Erik Berger more than four years to complete the 13 new tracks or to give them the finishing touches. Attention to detail, dedication and soulfulness are keywords that characterize The Flame's fifth work. "Lifelines" isn't necessarily a happy record, but it's still fun to get caught up and driven by the new songs. It is also symptomatic that in sad and seemingly hopeless moments, at some point a glimmer of hope appears.

01 It Doesn't Matter At All
02 stroke unit
03 Endless Sky
04 class reunion
06 Lifeline
07 Above And Below
08 Sharp Suiter
09 Stardust
10 When We Were Young
11 Time Of My Life
12 Grow Older
13 Mr Pink