The Golden Creek - Everything Falls Apart (CD) (5948065218713)

The Golden Creek - Everything Falls Apart (CD)


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The Golden Creek call their first EP “Everything Falls Apart”, which tells of the certainty that in the end everything will turn out differently than you thought. In a soft, slightly husky voice, Matthias Abel sings about the search for love: "You're running, through these streets waiting for someone you would not recognize. Searching for something, that by searching you won't find', capturing a sentiment well known to the souls of lost city dwellers.
This song is called "She Cares For You" and we remain uncertain as to whether the song and protagonist will find a happy ending. This uncertainty accompanies the six-piece band with acoustic guitar and three-part vocals. Tones that determine the unexcited, soulful and concentrated tone of the band.

01 A&Q
02 circles
03 I Think I Am The Pilot
04 She Cares For You
05 Everything Falls Apart
06 One song
07 And So I Drowned