The Grandmothers Of Invention - Live In Bremen (2CD) (5965375439001)

The Grandmothers Of Invention - Live In Bremen (2CD)

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Anyone who was allowed to experience The Mothers of Invention directed by Frank Zappa live in the sixties could count an unforgettable musical experience among their memories. Although the legendary original band, which provided the (critical) soundtrack to student riots and hippie culture, only existed for a short time in its original form, it was nevertheless a formative influence for countless musicians of that generation.
Dubbed The Grandmothers of Invention, this band is sort of the legitimate (and current) successor to The Grandmothers, formed in 1980 by Don Preston, Bunk Gardner and Jimmy Carl Black.

The live recording that is now being released was recorded in November 2014 as part of their European tour at the Bremen Meisenfrei Bluesclub and presents selected compositions from Frank Zappa's multi-layered, exciting work.

disc 01
01 Introduction
02 Pounds For A Brown
03 Call Any Vegetable
04 Absolutely Free
05 Flower Punk (Bunk)
06 Who Needs The Peace Corps?
07 I'm The Slime

disc 02
01 Uncle Meat
02 The Orange County Lumber Truck
03 Trouble Every Day
04 Montana
05 stratus