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The Howlin' Max Messer Show - b/t (CD)

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The term "voodoo" in combination with music and wild live performance has been unmistakably associated with a name across Europe since the early 2000s:
Howlin' Max Messer. The Howlin' Max Messer Show now brings that voodoo power to the live stage in an eccentric and enthralling show!
In addition, the daring, exotic-poisonous cocktail of Alternative Rock & Roll - Roots - Surf - Latin - Fuzz - Death - Country was captured on a recording for the first time. Ten songs, all written by himself, reflect the partly absurd, partly tragically weird world of the soul of the "Master of Dark Desires": sometimes hard and loud, sometimes quiet and beguiling. Together with his undead and highly musical companions, the "High Priest of Voudun" creates a comforting, eerie atmosphere that inspires exuberance and ecstasy as well as thoughtfulness - whether live from the stage or from a recording...
In collaboration with Johnny Hanke, who didn't shy away from diving into the mystical world of voodoo, the long player will be released on off label records. The opener "These Tears" can already be seen on Youtube.
“Come along folks! Don't be shy!!! Let me take your soul and make it mine for evermore. I'll put a spell on everyone of you, my beloved darlings..." Howlin' Max Messer.

1. These Tears
2. Stranger In Me
3. Why I cry
4. I know
5. Incubus
6. What Can I Do?
7. Make It Mine
8. In Cahoots
9. Sorrow Ave
10. Wastelands