The Konincks - While I’m listening to my Breath (CD) (5871724232857)

The Konincks - While I'm listening to my Breath (CD)


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This can also be felt on their debut album "While I'm Listening To My Breath". Bass and drums provide the necessary boost, the guitar howls and alongside the powerful-voiced Julia Herzog, there is room for dominant guitar solos. Many would overload these tracks with sounds in the studio and drive them to the wall. But The Konincks have mastered the art of reduction. You know that sometimes the notes you play are less important than the ones you leave out. “Darkish Poet”, for example, is a bone-dry, stripped down rock 'n' roll song that would easily fit into the Eagles of Death Metal repertoire. Simple but effective. But The Konincks can also be different. Quiet at the beginning, the track "Whitering" picks up steam as the song progresses until voice and guitar explode in a frenzy. And then there's "Better," that anthem of the millennials: "Should have, would have, could have..." - a song about the impotence of the myriad possibilities that Generation Y lets fail.
"While I'm Listening To My Breath" is a massive album, dirty, sweaty, atmospheric and yes, pretty wacky.

01 What About Me
02 Better
03 Smoking Man's Friend
04 Rain
05 Darkish Poet
06 While I'm Listening To My Breath
08 Told You So
09 Dear Rejection
10 (Sigh) My Man
11 Withering