The Legendary - Pirates (CD) (5871710240921)

The Legendary - Pirates (CD)


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The Legendary is an epic band steeped in good old rock 'n roll and inspired by classic hard rock.
The rampant 3-man unit established itself in 2013 in the heart of Bavaria, in Munich. They're compared to Queens of the Stone Age and Muse, but their idiosyncratic style of hard rock is more a compilation of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Guns 'n Roses.
Their creators, Thorsten Rock (guitar and vocals) and Stefan Tönjes (drums) had only one goal - to manifest a sound that has been burning in their souls their whole lives. In the smallest city in the world, it didn't take long to find a like-minded rocker who wanted to achieve the same goal. In the summer of 2014, bassist Robin Matteo joined the band. In February 2014 they stormed into the studio where the six track masterpiece "Pirates" was created. A full-length album will follow in 2015. There are many rock bands in our universe, but there is only one The Legendary.

01 Last Of Our Days
02 I Wish I Had A Beer As Cold As Your Heart
03 Hard Rock Hotel
04 If I Was A Girl
05 Gallows Tree
06 Pirates