The Markus Minarik Trio - Wild Heart (CD) (5948062498969)

The Markus Minarik Trio - Wild Heart (CD)


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Markus Minarik – you have to remember the name! Because this thoroughbred musician is not only a virtuoso pianist, band leader and singer in one person, he also has one of the most unusual voices in jazz: rough, smoky, bluesy like hardly any other jazz singer, he transports his songs with a timbre that is sometimes reminiscent of Tom Waits or Dr. John is reminiscent and yet very different.
The exceptional singer with the distinctive voice lets his earthy vocalises dance with elegance over the tightly woven network of piano, acoustic bass and drums and directly arouses the listener's emotions. And just when you think you've understood what he has to say, the next song surprises you with a new facet of his depth of expression. For example, absolutely coherent jazz versions of well-known songs by Pink Floyd (Wish you were here), Jethro Tull (Locomotive Breath) or Bob Dylan (Don't Think Twice It's Alright) or Minarik's remarkable own compositions.
At the latest when you hear how the perfectly coordinated trio interprets titles from the "Great American Songbook", it becomes clear: This is music for special late-night moments. Songs like "The Old Country" or "Body & Soul" are performed in such an atmospheric way that you can effortlessly shed the restlessness of the day and slide into a relaxed state, in order to follow the artful interaction of the three musicians with sharpened senses. Music at it's best!

01 Newborn day
02 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
03 Hey, hey, hey
04 The old country
05 wild heart
06 Wish you were here
07 Duck in the trees
08 Solsbury hill
09 You and the moon and the deep blue sea
10 Locomotive breath
11 Body and soul