The Mojo Brothers - Marie-Ann/Don't Lie To Me (7" Vinyl-Single) (5871736750233)

The Mojo Brothers - Marie-Ann/Don't Lie To Me (7" vinyl single)

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Black and white, wafts of fog, dim light: two hombres in black turtlenecks, tight trousers and pointed boots. The strumming sound of the guitar and the pounding beat of the Hammond, then two-part harmony. Flashback: Parents' living room in Polaroid colors, the brothers Roman and Matthias as dungarees boys who sing for the relatives and strum on the piano. After tireless digging in their rock'n'roll father's record cave, they devote themselves to 60s pop for a few years, professing love and swearing allegiance. Now it's about the naked truth and sluts - ruthless, direct, to the point. In other words, what even the thousandth teenage indie band has still not understood.
The engines of the Mojos howl in the garage sound, loudly they let their anger run free. In comparison to well-known garage duos like The Black Keys and The White Stripes, the Mojos are instrumentally different: With a fuzz guitar, a new type of drum 'n bass organ and their Everly Brothers vocals - the songs of the two sound like a sound of Three.

01 Marie Ann

01 Don't Lie To Me