The Morning After - Unfolding The Days (CD) (5871716106393)

The Morning After - Unfolding The Days (CD)


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It is a race that cannot be won: at the end of adolescence, childhood catches up with you again with all its fears and dreams. Relics of the past such as photos, action figures and game controllers are collected in old cardboard boxes in the attic. Past days unfold Unfolding the Days is the title of The Morning After's second album, on which the songs and lyrics shimmer in many different colours. Guitar, bass and drums come together with mellotron, retro synths, ukulele and choirs to create dense arrangements in pieces somewhere between indie rock and folk. With You re so Disco from the first album I Said Something. You Said Something. the band landed a small indie hit in 2011, which ran up and down on student stations, but also in format radio and entered the campus charts. The first single from the new album Head/Heart looks back on the failure of a relationship with driving drums and groovy guitar hooks. Director Michael Klich, who was nominated for the Echo for his last music clip (Hundreds Ten Headed Beasts), shot the powerfully illustrated video.

01 Shorelines
02 Head/ Heart
03 Symmetry
04 Sweet Destroyer
05 The Light
06 Woohoo Part 1 (Another Life)
07 Suit Up
09 Deepest Oceans
10 over and over
11 Woohoo Part 2 (Maybe Tomorrow)