The Neon Brothers - s/t (12" Vinyl-Album) (5871777349785)

The Neon Brothers - s/t (12" vinyl album)


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Eleven songs like nails in the plank or shots from a veritable handgun. Sure, power pop is a tradition. The Kinks, the Yardbirds and the Beach Boys are peeking around the corner and punk is lurking at the bus stop across the street. But especially the nerdy, nodding organ and the stoic, grainy guitar work give the whole thing an unmistakable touch. Add to that the straightforward "No bullshit" production by the young New Yorker Nick Wolz.

01 Welcome To The Night
02 Beautiful Day
03 Ain't No Friend Of Mine
04 The Hammer
05 Walk Away
06 points

01 Soul Alligator
02 All I Know
03 containers 905
04 Crossing The Line
05 Yeah, yeah, yeah