The Snooks - Greatest Hits (CD) (5871745138841)

The Snooks - Greatest Hits (CD)


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They did it: after almost 20 years, the wild Westphalians have released their first CD called "The Snooks": "The Snooks - Greatest Hits". While other pop groups and pop starlets put out more or less superfluous CDs for years, only to bring out a "Greatest Hits" compilation after 20 years, the Snooks have decided to play concerts for 20 years and to celebrate with their audience and then to start with the Greatest Hits album. That saves a lot of money, doesn't take up so much space on the CD shelf and the listener saves himself the songs he wouldn't like anyway. So early 2016 there will be the ultimate Snooks CD - only hits - one party banger chases the next!
There are exciting and weird cover versions by the Talking Heads, Eurythmics, Joy Division, Johnny Freeman, Ben Harper, Depeche Mode and David Bowie.... and played by a rock 'n' roll band with two classic guitars, double bass and drums . Sounds weird, it is... but it's fun!

01 Burning Down The House
02 Sweet Dreams
03 Love Will Tear Us Apart
04 Do You Wanna Dance
05 Homeless Child
06 Enjoy the Silence
07 Heroes