The T.S. Eliot Appreciation Society - Turn It Golden! (12" Vinyl-Album) (5906920931481)

The TS Eliot Appreciation Society - Turn It Golden! (12" vinyl album)


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The long-awaited successor “Turn It Golden!” will be released at the end of September. On this album there is little left of the simple and raw sound of the debut. While the first album was still firmly anchored in the tradition of American folk music, the new songs show many different facets that transcend the narrow boundaries of the genre without forgetting its roots.
The result is a very versatile album, whose songs are nevertheless unmistakably songs of the TS Eliot Appreciation Society: from the John Fahey'esque folk-instrumental "Anne's Lullaby" to the brittle pop of "The Fall" and the hypnotic kraut-folk of the single "The Grand Tour". The sometimes hallucinatory lyrics tell stories of people seeking meaning in chaotic times.

Side A

01. Anne's Lullaby
02. The Grand Tour
03. Arthur's Song (for TH White)
04. Southern Country
05. Holy Motors!

Side B

06. The Fall
07. Incantation
09. Apocalypse
10. Parade