The Universe By Ear - I (CD) (6005278867609)

The Universe By Ear - I (CD)


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“With this debut, you often get the feeling that all timelines have crooked into one point, presenting a new supergroup. And despite all these references, The Universe By Ear never seems dusty or stuffy - rather they achieve a wonderfully wide perspective and capture our surroundings as a whole and always remain great. Who would have thought that one of the grittiest and best prog albums of 2017 would come from Basel?” Artnoir (CH)
“The Universe By Ear's sound is dark and dirty with a sharp blues edge but unusual time signatures. The album is packed with rich textures and grooves and a handful of great guitar solos. All executed with the precision of a Swiss watch.” BMA Magazine

01 Seven Pounds
02 Repeat Until Muscle Failure
03 Slam Your Head Against The Wall (Carefully)
04 Dead End Town
05 Idaho
06 Make It Look Like An Accident
07 High On The Hynek Scale
08 Ocean/Clouds/Prism
09 Dead Again