The Voodoo Hoodoo Blues Club - Wounds And Scars (CD) (5871773647001)

The Voodoo Hoodoo Blues Club - Wounds And Scars (CD)


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After the release of their debut "Welcome to my club" in 2016, a lot has happened for the Osnabrück-based blues rock band. From a rather loose collective of the early days, a core line-up has emerged, which still offers enough leeway for alternative casts. In addition, the debut record received good reviews in various trade journals (eg the scene bible "BluesNews") and the live front also featured support gigs from the Texans "Tito & Tarantula". The club around initiator, songwriter, singer and guitarist Tim Funke was able to inspire the audience in the absolute scene blues clubs such as the "Meisenfrei" in Bremen, the "Kaiserkeller" in Detmold or the "Lagerhalle" in Osnabrück. In the tradition of the first album, the acoustic old-school blues "Jacky's Song" then closes an album that will captivate both traditionalists and fans of the more modern blues.

01 I Was Good
02 My Personal Blues
03 Blinded By Fear
04 Thu Me
05 Death Comes On Black Wings
06 Dishrag 7. Runaway Blues
08 My Little School Girl
09 I Feel Alright
10 Wounds And Scars
11 Jacky's Song