Therakustika - Reiner Folk über dem Kuckucksnest (CD) (5871796158617)

Therakustika - Pure Folk Above the Cuckoo's Nest (CD)


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The Hamburg band Therakustika makes it clear in most of their songs where they are at home, namely in the north. Contrary to the general assumption that the North Germans are humorless, Therakustika prove the exact opposite with their lyrics. With a lot of wit and good humor, they spread their wisdom, which is not always meant to be taken seriously. Musically, they move mostly in the area of ​​folk with partly Eastern European, but also rock influences.
In addition to the use of classic standard instruments such as guitar and bass, cajon, button accordion, Irish bouzouki, flute and violin are also used, resulting in a varied overall sound. Due to the catchy melodies, partly reinforced by polyphonic singing, their songs inevitably stick in the ear and definitely encourage the attentive listener to sing along.

01 On the beaches of the Matterhorn
02 For two
03 AIDA figurehead
04 The song of the tables
05 Beer for the barber
06 winter in April
07 Labskaus
08 Kai on the box
09 Confirmation bubble
10 The Ship of the Free Spirits
11 Oh North Sea
Counting 12 sheep is not vegan