Thomas Gerst - Now And Forever (CD) (5871799435417)

Thomas Gerst - Now And Forever (CD)


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One of the most unique and touching voices composer and producer Conny Conrad has ever heard: Thomas Gerst. He lives in Dortmund as the lead singer of the established cover band Exit. His first appearance on two songs of Conny Conrad's award-winning anniversary album - "The World Anthem" in 2018 now leads to "Now And Forever", his debut album with impressive ballads, groovy mid-tempo tracks and up-tempo rockers. As the title says - music of today, and timeless.

01 Now You're Gone
02 I'm So Lucky
03 Don't Walk Away
04 You Pray Water
05 Now And Forever
06 gotta stand up
07 Rising Moon
08 Wanna Know Your Name