Thomas Klein - Piano Solo (CD) (5871826141337)

Thomas Klein - Piano Solo (CD)


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The pianist and keyboarder Thomas Klein has been touring the stages of Germany in various formations for over 20 years. With a great stylistic diversity, he enriched various projects from jazz to soul, pop/rock and chanson through his participation, as some CD releases bear witness to. Now he is presenting his first CD under his own direction. On these recordings he plays his own pieces and improvisations on the grand piano, which often move in very melancholic and lyrical atmospheres, but sometimes also contain very rhythmic elements. What is striking here is the sensitivity and diversity with which the pianist goes about his work. Interrupted by a few moments of surprise, he combines various elements with his emotionality and passion into a well-rounded, balanced musical event.

01 Twelve Tone Tune
02 December 18
03 Sunday Afternoon
04 Decimal Tune
05 Poem For Pierre
06 Intro Poem
07 Monkish Groove
08 Aug 18
09 Invisible Touch
10 May 19
11 Sunday Afternoon (old version)