Three Forks - The Ship Is Leavin’ (CD) (5871812968601)

Three Forks - The Ship Is Leavin' (CD)


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With "The ship is leavin'" Three Forks present their debut album. It is no coincidence that the band name refers to the long-gone place in the Mississippi Delta where the myth surrounding Robert Johnson's death was spun. Delta blues and roots music are the ingredients for the spicy soup that Three Forks cook on their CD. Fingerstyle and slide guitar, double bass and drums create a warm, homogeneous sound for the stories they tell in their songs. Bizarre stories about suicidal assassins, orphans conjuring up the apocalypse or control freaks ending up in loneliness. Longing, farewell and the everlasting search for the deeper meaning are the archaic themes of "The ship is leavin'". In a nod to the heroes of the Delta Blues, Three Forks have also recorded their hypnotic rendition of Skip James' timeless classic, Hard Time Killing Floor.
Three Forks are the singer and guitarist Jörg Schneider, Franz Schwarznau on double bass and Matthias Macht on drums. Through years of playing together, the three musicians have found an original and idiosyncratic band sound that goes beyond the boundaries of the blues, but always returns to its roots. So "The ship is leavin'" is not a classic blues album, but rather an exciting journey through the soundscapes of the Three Forks. Once the ship full of songs has left the home port of Blues, you will be amazed who else mingled with the passengers. But don't worry, Three Forks always return unerringly to the starting point of their journey. "The ship is leavin'" was recorded and mixed by Leipzig's studio legend Mike Stolle. The mastering was done by Dennis Kern from Berlin Studio Wong.

01 Perfect point of view
02 Smash That Thing
03 No clue
04 Pretty Little Bird
05 When It Rains
06 Hard Time Killing Floor
07 Dead Seed
08 Bossy With Me
09 spring time
10 Little Wonders
11 The Ship Is Leavin'