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Tidemore - apart (CD)


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A part or apart? Both! The songs on the new Tidemore album "a-part" are as ambiguous as the title. The brothers Matthias and Andreas Pietsch reflect on the major issues of our time. From the perspective of two grown men, they examine the state of the world and seek balance within it. A border hike between the own and the foreign. Building on the idiosyncratic acoustic sound that regularly captivates their listeners, the brothers are going through a new musical door with the album "a-part". Clearly it's Tidemore what you're hearing, and yet there's a new tone. The instrumentation, basically reduced to guitars and piano, is placed in a larger context. For the first time, the majority of the eleven new songs are based on a powerful foundation of drums and bass, and in some places they add an electric guitar. In between, reservedly instrumented, purely acoustic pieces shimmer again and again as special pearls. This variety creates an exciting dynamic from the first to the last note.
They were able to win over the outstanding musicians Florian Holoubek, Thomsen Slowey Merkel and Karsten Lipp as wonderfully empathetic guest musicians. But the brothers played their strongest card again on their new album: They simply know how to write catchy songs. It is these grandiose melodies whose beauty catches you immediately. Sometimes it's the voice, sometimes a guitar line. There is hardly a song where you have to wait long for this radiant highlight. And they have by no means renounced their typical choral singing. Tidemore has not reinvented itself, but has consistently developed it further. In this way, the most diverse Tidemore album to date was created. "a-part" includes everything from a small song to a great anthem. It serves the great feelings and is never trivial.

01 As Long As We Move
02 The Same As You
03 Real People
04 Big & Small
05 The Brunt Of The World
06 Beautiful things
07 On The Bottom Of The Lake
08 The House of the Devil
09 Catacombs
10 I Lake
11 Until The End