Tidemore - By The Sea (CD) (5871703064729)

Tidemore - By The Sea (CD)


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It's a journey that begins every time you listen to Tidemore's music. And you don't know exactly where it will lead you. Alone with two guitars and their voices, the Berlin-based brothers Andreas and Matthias Pietsch celebrate a grandiose acoustic pop that is extraordinary, deeply touching and at the same time familiar and sonorous.
As simple as the line-up is, as amazing is their multi-layered sound. With manageable means, the two create sophisticated arrangements that testify to their special musical flair and show an enormous range. The Tidemore brothers play their acoustic guitars like a rock band. On top of that, they often add polyphonic singing with harmonic sensitivity, ranging from warm tones to falsetto. In 2011, the first album “Not My World” was released by Timezone Records and gave a first taste of the talent and ability that both of them have.
The new album "By The Sea" goes a big step further in terms of production and impresses with a better sound. For the first time, there are also German-language songs and piano sounds to be heard. Lyrically, they remain true to themselves and, in a special kind of - partly abstract, analytical - poetry, give an insight into their experience of our modern reality of life and a possible outlook on how to deal with the diverse tensions. The perfectly coordinated brothers have to be seen live with their enchanting songs, for which they don't need a band, great effects or gestures. Modest in appearance, they convince with their ability to create a poignant atmosphere and touch their audience deep inside. Melancholy resonates in everything that Tidemore have to offer between elegiac desire and powerful passion.

01 By the Sea
02 Keep it up
03 Dawn
04 disaster
05 Jealous Longing
06 Overkill
07 Dreaming
08 The moment your eyes cross the water surface
09 An attempt
10 The Pariah
11 By the Sea (Reprise)