Tidemore - Not My World (CD) (5906919293081)

Tidemore - Not My World (CD)


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After acclaimed concert performances on the road in Germany, the Netherlands and Norway, Tidemore's first studio album is finally here. With "Not My World" the two brothers Andreas and Matthias Pietsch present musically moving songs that captivate with gentle, catchy lines, a very unique sound expression and touching lyrics.
Where the words end, the music begins to carry. Sensitively and dynamically designed, the two guitarists from Berlin interpret their songs in a stimulating and new way. Rhythmic guitar playing, led around the mostly yearning melodies, supports the polyphonic singing.
In addition, the great combination of haunting vocal presence, warm timbre and an extraordinary falsetto range makes each concert unique. In their songs, Andreas and Matthias Pietsch tell of the longing for liveliness, of being here and failure, of being lost and rebellion, of desire , freedom, justice and trust to live.
Delicately intoxicating, melancholy vibrates in everything that Tidemore, the gentle rebels between elegiac desire and powerful passion, has to offer in the new album, admirably honest and emotional. A must for love sick, system critics, dropouts, death longing and life hungry!

01 Dead, man
02 Not my world
03 Against the wall
04 Free & merged
05 Drift (When eternity ends)
06 Make her mine
07 As it seems
08 Meet again
09 Blizzard
10 Get me high